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Justin Kan of Twitch: Inventing and Reinventing Live Streaming

Before live-streaming became commonplace content online, Justin Kan strapped a webcam to his head and live-casted his daily life for about 8 months on end. In 2007, Justin broadcasted his day to day routine on Justin.tv, providing a 24/7 live video feed of himself and his co-founders; just four programmers in an apartment.

At the time, technology wasn’t quite there yet. The convenience of fast internet and one-click-away iPhone functions that we now know and love hadn’t existed. So he did what he did best – he improvised. Stringing together multiple modems from different providers onto one computer, he sent the video by multiplexing it over numerous cell phone connections.

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Garry Tan of Initialized Capital: $7/hr Web Developer Turned Venture Capitalist

A designer and engineer turned early-stage investor, Garry Tan’s journey to becoming managing partner of Initialized Capital was one that comprised hard work, learning from his mistakes, and most importantly, a confidence in betting against big tech.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Garry was raised in the shadow of Silicon Valley. Armed with only a passion for coding at 14, he cut his teeth as an engineer and was paid $7 an hour, getting his customers through good ol’ cold calling, the yellow pages, and the internet. Eventually, Garry joined Y Combinator (YC), and as it grew from a little-known entrepreneurial programme into one of Silicon Valley’s best-known and regarded networks for early-stage technology startups, his budding career in the industry soon flourished. At the same time, he’d gained invaluable insights that he uses today for Initialized.

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