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Indonesia’s Startup Ecosystem: Pioneers, Trends and Post-Covid-19 growth

In recent years, prominent Indonesia-based startups like Gojek and Tokopedia have been putting the archipelago on the map for start-ups and innovation.

Home to the region’s largest population (270.6 million), and economy, it is no surprise Indonesia is now prime real estate for entrepreneurs with solutions to local problems, like its largely unbanked population, its underdeveloped internet infrastructure and more.

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Achmad Zaky of Bukalapak: Q&A

Meaning “open a market stall” in Bahasa Indonesia, Bukalapak is one of Indonesia’s largest eCommerce platforms and one of its most recent unicorns as well. With over 50 million monthly active users on its platform, it has been an engine of growth for small business owners within the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

We got the chance to speak to the man at the helm of this – Achmad Zaky, founder and CEO of Bukalapak*. During our chat with him, we discussed his founder journey as a fresh graduate, how small business owners in Indonesia can be empowered with technology, and his take on the evolution of the tech scene in Indonesia.

*Zaky has since left Bukalapak to start his investment fund Init 6.

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The Woman Behind Southeast Asia’s Near-Billion Dollar Startup

In 2014, a group of friends visited Bangkok’s famous weekend market, Chatuchak, while on holiday. Among them, was then 22-year-old Ankiti Bose, an investment analyst at Sequoia Capital. With over 25,000 merchants and thousands of fashion stalls in Chatuchak, it got Bose thinking about how to give these sellers opportunities to expand beyond their cramped shops.

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