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Staying Fresh in China’s Online Grocery Business: Cecilia Sun of Miss Fresh

Online grocery retailer Miss Fresh has two key features: one, instant delivery, requiring up to 30-minutes for home delivery, and secondly, a full grocery offering of fruit, vegetable to packaged food.

As partner and COO at Miss Fresh, Cecilia Sun joined the firm in 2015. Fresh (pun intended) out of Baring Asia and Deutsche Bank, the private equity investor holds dual bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics, master’s degree in finance from Peking University.

A member of Forbes 30 under 30, Cecilia Sun shares her expertise in keeping the business novel, interesting and attractive.

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Is Live Streaming the New Frontier of eCommerce?

If you don’t know who Viya is, you should.

She is an internet celebrity in China who sells via live streaming on Taobao. In 2019, she sold $2.8 billion worth of goods. That is more than $5,000 per minute, a number that even China’s No.1 luxury shopping center located in central Beijing can only wish for.

Viya is so good at moving sales that Kim Kardashian shouted “OMG, it’s crazy” while debuting her fragrance on channel. Viya sold out all 15,000 bottles in 1 minute.

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A Glimpse of Future Retail in the Corner Stores

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Shopping, as we busy city dwellers know it, has never been easier. Whether it is Amazon’s “1-Click” buy button or Alibaba’s 30-minute delivery, it is no longer something that needs planning.

The shift of our collective shopping behavior has fueled double-digit eCommerce growth worldwide, going against the stagnating department stores and big-box retailers.

Rapid urbanization and the fast adoption of smartphones in emerging markets would make us believe that the next billion internet users already shop in similar ways or are going to. A close look at the data, however, will tell us something different.

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