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Achmad Zaky of Bukalapak: Q&A

Meaning “open a market stall” in Bahasa Indonesia, Bukalapak is one of Indonesia’s largest eCommerce platforms and one of its most recent unicorns as well. With over 50 million monthly active users on its platform, it has been an engine of growth for small business owners within the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

We got the chance to speak to the man at the helm of this – Achmad Zaky, founder and CEO of Bukalapak*. During our chat with him, we discussed his founder journey as a fresh graduate, how small business owners in Indonesia can be empowered with technology, and his take on the evolution of the tech scene in Indonesia.

*Zaky has since left Bukalapak to start his investment fund Init 6.

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Three Proven Secrets to Successfully Expanding Your Startup

When William Tanuwijaya first started raising funds to build Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest e-marketplace, back in 2009, investors were skeptical and few had reason to entrust him with capital to grow his startup.

Not only was the idea of Tokopedia novel, with no other existing benchmark in the market at the time, but Tanuwijaya himself was a university drop-out with no prior entrepreneurial experience or background.

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Ming Maa of Grab – How To Grow a Super App in a Highly Diverse and Competitive Region

Southeast Asia has come to know and love Grab, a super app that has become an extension of daily life. Today, Grab offers transport, food, package deliveries, mobile payments and financial services to over 36 million users across countries. Founded in just 2011, the company is reportedly valued at $14 billion – an impressive feat achieved in less than 10 years, and in an industry and region as competitive as theirs.

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A Conversation with Vaibhav Gupta: Trust is the Cornerstone of a B2B Business

Trust is a word that comes up a lot when talking to Vaibhav Gupta of Udaan, India’s top business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce company. The Bengaluru-based Udaan, which directly translates to ‘taking flight’ in Hindi, is often referred to as India’s fastest unicorn, having raced to a $1 billion valuation within 26 months. Udaan operates a mobile app-based B2B marketplace that connects small retailers with wholesalers and traders.

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