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Developer-Driven Software: What Is It, Why Does It Matter?

In 2011, Marc Andressen wrote the highly predictive and insightful essay “Why Software Is Eating The World”. In it, he talked about the shift from a hardware-based to a software-based economy and how in essence, software companies were taking over large swathes of the traditional economy. Building on that metaphor, think about how Uber and Grab ‘ate’ the traditional taxi industry, and how Airbnb ‘ate’ hotels.

Then, the world blinked and services are ‘eating’ software, according to a 2019 article in Forbes. “[All] software legacy products are moving to Software-as-a-Service […] the old model of buying software and implementing it is giving way to the service model.”

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The Digital Economy Index

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The “Digital Economy” was born over 25 years ago. Coined by technologist and author Don Tapscott the term “digital economy” originated in his book The Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence. In those early Netscape years, the claim that personal technology would one day be ubiquitous enough to constitute an entire economy was nothing short of visionary. But now, and especially during COVID-19, most companies have embraced ecommerce, mobile technology, and/or social media, making it all the more relevant to consider the impact and opportunities of the aptly-named “digital economy” we find ourselves in today.

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He Re-Imagined the Future of Work – And It’s the World We’re Now Living In

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more employees are required to work remotely, forcing workplaces to become virtual. It is a much-needed, albeit unfortunate, push into the future of work.

With the rise in remote working, demand for functional and seamless video collaboration is growing, making it an excellent testing ground for the platform in markets it has yet to penetrate.

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