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What COVID-19 Taught Us About Our World

Some have termed the COVID-19 pandemic as a chance to embark on ‘The Great Reset’. A rallying cry to critically examine the foundations that societies and economies were built on, especially because the pandemic made the inefficiencies and inequalities of such systems so glaring and exposed.

On the flipside, what seemed unlikely was suddenly made possible. Remote work became the new normal, businesses were suddenly put on the fast track to digital transformation, and learning can now be done online. In this article, we take a look at what the pandemic exposed, in particular the strengths and weaknesses of the (old) world.

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Crisis Survival Toolkit for Startups

Keeping a business afloat during times of crisis requires a very specific set of skills a good entrepreneur needs. In this master list of crisis-management editorials, we spoke to GGV Capital’s Managing Partners, key business executives and portfolio companies.

This comprehensive collection of letters, thought pieces and interviews features their wisdom, insights and ideology. In time to come, we hope this will be an evergreen, actionable encyclopedia of business management you can look to.

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A Founder’s Guide To: Managing Remote Teams in a Crisis

It’s not an easy task to lead a team or company during this time. Many organisations are now also facing the added complexity of running remote teams – something that not every company can transition seamlessly to. Productivity and communication can take a hit as employees adjust to the new normal.

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An Hour With: Alibaba’s Ex-President and COO Savio Kwan

Savio Kwan is known to most as the former President and COO of Alibaba, steering the company through tumultuous times like the 2003 SARS pandemic and setting its course for future growth. There’s a certain sense of deja-vu as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on the global economy, 17 years after SARS put Alibaba in dire straits.

This is part of our webinar series intended to help leaders navigate this global crisis.

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Dear Founder, Here’s How You Can Emerge Stronger From A Crisis

This is part of our webinar series intended to help leaders navigate this global crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raged on for a few months now. As China goes into recovery, the rest of the world is still grappling with the impact. The global supply chain has come under immense pressure with manufacturers and retailers struggling with a spike in demand, while others face restrictions and bans. And with the capital markets in shock, it’s hardly a rosy time to grow your company or raise funds.

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He Re-Imagined the Future of Work – And It’s the World We’re Now Living In

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more employees are required to work remotely, forcing workplaces to become virtual. It is a much-needed, albeit unfortunate, push into the future of work.

With the rise in remote working, demand for functional and seamless video collaboration is growing, making it an excellent testing ground for the platform in markets it has yet to penetrate.

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Dear Founder, Here’s How You Can Survive a Global Pandemic

In this series of candid letters to founders, we invite business leaders to share industry insights, advice and perspectives they in turn have acquired from their experience in business management, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Here, Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of XPENG Motors, touches on the ways communications, savvy user acquisition and good leadership can help a company brave a global crisis.

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