Season 1

China has emerged as a global powerhouse in tech. It is now home to some of the world’s most valuable tech companies and most motivated entrepreneurs. “996” is the demanding work schedule many Chinese founders have organically adopted: 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week. To us, 996 captures the intensity, drive, and speed of many Chinese internet companies.

In Season 1, the 996 podcast explores How US companies succeed in China and learn from its tech innovators? How can Chinese tech companies go global? From Silicon Valley to Beijing, we interview the movers and shakers of China’s tech industry, as well as tech leaders with US-China cross-border perspectives. Co-hosted by Hans Tung and Zara Zhang at GGV Capital.


Sharing of gems from people who have been there done that

"Super and real stories filled with gems and nuggets for startup founders to learn from! I have been listening for over 12 months now and always looking forward to new episodes of insights and knowledge from some of the smartest people in the world."

Linwji via Apple Podcasts
Singapore | 2 June 2020
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥

"Whether you’re well established as a technology innovator, or just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Hans and the entire GGV team do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving organization amidst an ever changing technological landscape, and life you can be proud of - from leaders who have actually innovated on the front-lines themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!"

JoshCrist via Apple Podcasts
USA | 19 March 2020
Amazing Show with Great Questions

"I love how the show has both in-depth analysis of the business and authentic human story of the people who’re building that. Keep up the good work!"

Jasmine_642 via Apple Podcasts
USA | 27 September 2019
Episode 42

[Ask Me Anything] Hans and Zara on the Origins of This Podcast and Other Questions from Listeners

GGV Fellows is accepting applicants for its 2020 cohort. The program, which is a week-long intensive learning experience in Beijing, provides a fast track for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become part of China’s startup ecosystem. On top of hearing from some of the biggest names in China’s tech industry,…
Episode 41

Josh Luber of StockX: On Buying Sneakers the Same Way We Buy Stocks

On this episode we have Josh Luber, the co-founder of StockX. StockX is the world’s first online stock market for high-demand consumer goods, namely sneakers, handbags, streetwear, and watches. On the platform, buyers place bids, sellers place asks and when a bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automatically. The…
Episode 40

Renee Wang of CastBox: on Building America’s Top-Rated Podcast Listening App

In this episode, we interviewed Renee Wang (王小雨), the founder and CEO of CastBox, a global podcast platform often referred to as the “Netflix for podcasting”. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to power unique features like personalized recommendations and in-audio search. According to a report from Sensor…
Episode 39

Brian Gu of XPENG Motors: Why China’s EV Market Excites Me

We interview Brian Gu (顾宏地), the vice chairman and president of XPENG Motors, also known as Xiaopeng Motors, a Chinese electric vehicle company and a GGV portfolio company. The company designs and manufactures what it calls “Internet cars” which has AI technology integrated into the vehicles. Prior to joining XPENG…
Episode 38

[Ask Me Anything] Hans Tung on Breaking Into VC and Other Questions From Listeners

On a special “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) episode, GGV Managing Partner Hans Tung answers questions posed by our listeners on a wide range of topics. How did Hans break into the VC world? What made he move to China and then come back to Silicon Valley afterwards? How does he…
Episode 37

Hao Wu on Making “People’s Republic of Desire”

We interviewed Hao Wu, a Chinese American film director, producer and writer to discuss his recent work “People’s Republic of Desire”, a documentary about the live streaming industry in China. Originally trained as a molecular biologist, Hao worked in tech before becoming a full-time filmmaker. He held various management positions…
Episode 36

Tao Peng, President of Airbnb China, on Redefining Travel

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Tao Peng (彭韬), the president of Airbnb China. Prior to joining Airbnb in Sept 2018, Tao has founded a number of companies in the travel space including Breadtrip, a social app for recording and sharing trips, and more recently, CityHome, a management…
Episode 35

Jane Sun, CEO of Ctrip, on Running Asia’s Largest OTA

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Jane Sun (孙洁), the CEO of Ctrip, the largest online travel platform in China which is listed on the NASDAQ. It’s current market cap (at time of recording) is around $23 billion. Jane has been at Ctrip for 13 years. Prior to…
Episode 34

Interviewing Our GGV Fellows

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview two “GGV Fellows,” David Sun (a data scientist on Apple’s Siri team) and Bo Ning Han (a recent Harvard grad working on a startup in Beijing), on their life stories and their takeaways from the GGV Fellows program. What is the GGV…
Episode 33

Chinese Overseas Returnees (Hai Guis): Opportunities and Challenges

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by Chinese overseas returnees (“sea turtles”, or 海归) who are interested in working in China’s tech industry. These are people who were born and raised in China, completed their high education outside of China or have worked…
Episode 32

Wang Yu of Tantan on Scaling China’s Top Dating App

We interviewed Wang Yu (王宇), the co-founder and CEO of Tantan (探探), China’s leading dating app. Tantan is social app that help young people in China connect with one another. It has a slide-left slide-right interface. Only when two users both slide right on each other can they start a…
Episode 31

Simon Zhang of GrowingIO: Learning to Grow, Chinese Style

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Simon Zhang, (张溪梦), the founder and CEO of GrowingIO, a data analytics startup in China that helps product managers and marketers analyze mobile apps and websites without adding manual tracking codes. GrowingIO now counts over 6000 companies as its customers, including the…
Episode 30

Doris Ke on Marketing Across the US and China

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview Doris Ke, a marketer and writer who has had an interesting career across the US and China. Doris grew up in China and went to the US for college, where she attended Bard College in New York. She started her career at…
Episode 29

Orion Zhao of Moka on Being a Sea Turtle Entrepreneur and SaaS in China

This is a cross-over episode between us and Founder Real Talk, which is a biweekly podcast hosted by GGV managing partner Glenn Solomon. Glenn and Zara interview Orion Zhao (赵欧伦), the co-founder and CEO of Moka, a fast-growing HR SaaS startup in China. Moka helps companies increase the efficiency of…
Episode 28

Chuhai (出海): Why Chinese Entrepreneurs are Targeting Emerging Markets Across the World

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang discuss the trend known as “Chuhai” (出海), or Chinese founders targeting emerging markets outside of China, such as Southeast Asia, India, Latin America, and more. As the mobile Internet market in China reaches saturation, an increasing number of Chinese entrepreneurs are now eyeing…
Episode 27

George Yan: From Microsoft China to Clobotics

GGV Capital’s Hans Tung and Zara Zhang interview George Yan (严治庆), the founder and CEO of Clobotics, (扩博智能). Founded in 2016, Clobotics is a computer vision startup that seeks to make traditional industries more intelligent. It is headquartered in Shanghai and Seattle with offices in Beijing, Dalian, and Singapore. It…
Episode 26

Yan Li and Token Hu of NIU on the Journey to IPO

The founders of the electric scooter company NIU discussed how their product became a lifestyle brand, and what it was like to take a Chinese company public on the NASDAQ.
Episode 25

Tony Fadell, "Father of the iPod", on Finding the New "New" Thing

The inventor of the iPod discusses why China might have a “last-mover advantage”, the qualities he look for in entrepreneurs, and how to discover the next game-changing technology.
Episode 24

Ashley Peng of Xiaobu: When Chinese Millennials Become Parents

Ashley Peng is the founder and CEO of Xiaobu (小步), a mobile platform for parents in China with kids aged 0-6 years old. Ashley discussed how she was inspired to start Xiaobu by her own journey as the mother of a young child, why millennial parents in China need a…
Episode 23

David Li of YY on Pioneering Live Streaming in China

David discussed his evolution from a philosophy major to a journalist to an Internet entrepreneur, what it’s like to take a Chinese company public in 2012, and how YY came to spearhead innovative features of modern live-streaming products such as in-app tipping and virtual gifts.
Episode 22

How We Think about LATAM vs Other Emerging Markets

We discuss our recent investment in Yellow, a leading micro-mobility startup based in Brazil, which recently raised $63 million in Series A led by GGV Capital.
Episode 21

Toby Sun of Lime on Scooters and the Future of Transportation

Toby Sun, co-founder of Lime, on why scooters could be a game-changer, how Lime envisions its partnership with Uber, and whether Lime sees itself as a “super app” going forward.
Episode 20

Jixun Foo of GGV Capital: Behind the Scenes of China’s Venture Deals

Jixun Foo, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, tells the stories behind some of China’s hottest venture deals including the merger of Youku and Tudou, Yunmanman and Huochebang, as well as why he invested in HelloBike.
Episode 19

Grant Horsfield of naked Group: Creating a Lifestyle Brand in China

Grant Horsfield on his journey from rural South Africa to rural China, and how he is trying to redefine the word “lifestyle” in China.
Episode 18

Zilin Chen of BingoBox on the Future of 'New Retail' in China

Zilin Chen is the founder and CEO of BingoBox, China’s first scalable cashier-free convenience store.
Episode 17

Unpacking Xiaomi’s IPO

Why can Xiaomi be thought of as an “Internet company” instead of a hardware company? Why should people stop comparing Xiaomi to Apple? Was Xiaomi’s IPO valuation justified? What does the “Xiaomi ecosystem” mean?
Episode 16

Justin Kan of Twitch and Atrium: From Builder to Entrepreneur

Justin recounts the pitfalls he has gone through during his startup journey, whether it was the right decision to sell Twitch to Amazon in 2014, and what gets him excited about his new venture Atrium.
Episode 15

Eric Yuan of Zoom: From Immigrant to Top CEO

Eric was recently named the Top CEO on Glassdoor, with an approval rating of 99%, and was the first person of color to win the award.
Episode 14

Jenny Lee of GGV Capital on Being a VC in China

The story of how Jenny Lee set up GGV Capital’s China presence over a decade ago as someone who didn’t grow up in China, and rose to become one of the world’s most powerful women in tech.
Episode 13

Yasheng Huang of MIT on the Future of US-China Trade Relations

We discussed the recent trade tensions between the US and China, how geopolitical factors affect the global tech industry, and how China’s growth story compares to that of India and other developing countries.
Episode 12

Yinglian Xie & Fang Yu of DataVisor: Fighting Frauds with Machine Learning

We discussed why China is a great market for SaaS businesses, what it’s like to be female founders in a highly technical space, and how DataVisor uses a unique approach—unsupervised machine learning—to fight frauds.
Episode 11

Bertrand Schmitt on Starting App Annie in China

We discussed why Bertrand, a native of France, chose to move to China despite the language and cultural barriers.
Episode 10

Nathan Blecharczyk on Lessons from Airbnb’s China Expansion

On the first live show of 996 Podcast, we interviewed Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chairman of Airbnb China.
Episode 9

Brad Bao of LimeBike on Tackling America’s Last-Mile Problem

Brad Bao is the founder of LimeBike, a fast-growing bike-sharing startup in the US. He discussed why bike-sharing—a genre largely invented in China—can work in the US.
Episode 8

Miranda Qu of Xiaohongshu on Powering E-Commerce with Community

Miranda Qu is the co-founder of Xiaohongshu (“Little Red Book” in Chinese), the world’s the largest lifestyle platform that integrates community and content with e-commerce.
Episode 7

Yi Wang of Liulishuo on Teaching English with AI

Why did Yi choose to leave his comfortable job in Silicon Valley to start a new venture in China? What challenges must “sea turtles” overcome to successfully start a company in China?
Episode 6

Lin Bin on How Xiaomi Engineered its “Surprise Comeback”

Lin Bin, the co-founder, president, and head of mobile for Xiaomi, reveals the secret sauce of one of the most valuable private companies in the world, which is reportedly going public later this year.
Episode 5

Tao Zhang of Dianping on Merging with Meituan and the “Groupon War”

Tao Zhang on navigating ferocious competition in China and how to deal with giants like Tencent & Alibaba
Episode 4

Liu Zhen on ByteDance’s Global Vision and Leading Uber China

Liu Zhen discusses ByteDance (Toutiao)’s global vision and leading Uber China
Episode 3

Kai-Fu Lee’s Journey From Google China to Sinovation Ventures

Kai-Fu Lee’s Journey From Google China to Sinovation Ventures
Episode 2

Andrew Ng on China’s Ambitions in Artificial Intelligence

Andrew Ng discusses China’s ambitions in artificial intelligence.
Episode 1

Jerry Yang of Yahoo!: Why I Believed in Alibaba

Jerry Yang of Yahoo!: Why I Believed in Alibaba