Telio Syphong My Linh Vietnam


Season 2

Episode 9

Telio’s SyPhong and My Linh – A Vietnamese Impact Unicorn

Interviewed by Hans Tung and Dimitra Taslim. Dimi is on the investment team at GGV Capital. 

Today on the show, we have SyPhong Bui and My Linh from Telio. Founded in 2018, Telio is already Vietnam’s largest b2b eCommerce platform. It connects small traditional retailers with brands and wholesalers on a centralized platform using technology and data. Telio is a GGV portfolio.

On the show, we discussed how SyPhong got his idea for Telio because of Jack Ma from Alibaba, the lessons he learned from 2 previous failed startup he founded, the challenges facing mom and pop shops in Vietnam and how the tech ecosystem in the market has evolved in the market.

SyPhong, the founder of Telio has 10 years of experience across telecoms and banks in both France and Vietnam. SyPhong drew inspiration for Telio after being selected for the Alibaba leadership program in 2018, learning a lot about the advanced b2b landscape in China and India. He founded two other companies in Vietnam before Telio. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Pierre and Marie Curie University and a Master of Computer Science in Paris. My Linh, the head of strategy of Telio, has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Birmingham in the UK. She spent four years working for different startups in Vietnam and has joined SyPhong in his previous company before Telio.

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