son tran of tiki


Season 2

Episode 31

Son Tran of Tiki: A Decade of Entrepreneurship in Vietnam

Interviewed by Hans Tung and Dimitra Taslim.

Today on the show, we have Son Tran, founder, and CEO of Tiki. Tiki (short for “Tìm kiếm & Tiết kiệm”, which means “Search & Save”) is a top all-in-one commerce platform in Vietnam, including an e-commerce marketplace, TikiNOW Smart Logistics – an integrated supply chain platform, and Tiki Trading, a retail subsidiary.

Starting Tiki as an online bookstore in 2010, Son has turned Tiki into a top trusted multi-selection e-commerce platform for millions of Vietnamese customers. He held a double degree in software engineering and commerce in Vietnam and Australia. After graduating with a Master’s degree at the University of New South Wales (Australia) in 2007. Before Tiki, Son also helped starting – a.k.a YouTube of Vietnam.

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