Jian Luo - Founder & CEO @ Huohua Siwei


Season 2

Episode 29

EdTech Series 3: Huohua Siwei (Spark Education)

Interviewed by Hans Tung and Rita Yang

Today on the show we have Mark Luo. Mark Luo is the founder and CEO of Huohua Siwei (Spark Education). It is a learning app that develops logical thinking, concentration, and other cognitive skills for children aged between 3-12. It offers small live classes in the form of interactive games, with real-time guidance from a teacher. The company currently has over 280,000 paid students and boasts a referral rate of 80%. Huohua Siwei is a GGV portfolio company.

Mark has extensive entrepreneurial experience. Before Spark, he was part of the founding team at China’s earliest classified website Ganji.com and served as the CTO. The company was acquired by 58.com in 2015 with 2.6 billion USD. Mark graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Master’s degree in computer science.

We also talked to GGV managing partner Jenny Lee on why she led our investment into Huohua.

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