Labster scores $21M Series B to bring VR to STEM education


Season 2

Episode 28

EdTech Series 2: Michael Jensen of Labster

Interviewed by Hans Tung.

Making learning fun is hard, especially in this day and age where you have to compete with social media and games for students’ attention. What’s even harder is to do so and get a better learning outcome. The hardest is to make it into a scalable business.

This is what Michael and his co-founder Mads are trying to do with their startup Labster, a leading virtual science lab provider based in Copenhagen. Their vision is to radically improve science education so future scientists can solve big problems that we cannot solve.

The startup world is never short of grand vision like this. What’s rare is the passion and patience to follow through, which you will hear from Michael’s story in this episode. You will also hear Hans and Michael discuss the role Covid played in the company’s growth, why science education is actually a global challenge, and what separates a platform business from a content one.

Labster is GGV’s first investment in Europe. The deal happened during Covid-19 entirely online. Jenny and Hans led GGV’s investment into the company.

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