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Season 2

Episode 22

Agung of Warung Pintar: Indonesia’s Micro-Retail Tech Startup

Interviewed by Hans Tung and Dimitri Taslim.

If you have followed our show closely enough, you probably know that we have a thesis around backing startups that help small retailers to do better. Better supply chains, operation efficiency, payment infrastructures, bookkeeping, etc. This was reflected through the episodes we did with Udaan from India, Telio from Vietnam, and Shihuituan from China. On today’s episode, you will hear a conversation we had with one of the startups that are doing this in Indonesia. The first half of the show was recorded in September last year. But we also caught up with the founder a few weeks earlier on how COVID-19 has changed how he saw the business, enjoy!

The guest for today is Agung Bezharie Hadinego, Co-Founder and CEO at Warung Pintar. The name literally means smart kiosk in Indonesian. It is a micro-retail tech startup aimed to digitalize the street vendors in Indonesia. Launched in January 2018, it currently empowers 32,000 warungs in Jakarta and Banyuwangi, whose income has increased by 41% since adopting the system.

Agung started Warung Pintar as a special project when he was an investment analyst in a VC firm called East Ventures. He holds a bachelor degree in Intermedia and an MBA from Bandung Institute of Technology.

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