Season 2

Episode 15

GGV Fellows: Doing Startups in China as Young Global Talent

For all of our listeners whose life has been disrupted by the coronavirus, we want to let you know that we stand in solidarity with you. We will get through this together. If you are a startup founder, we put together some operational tactics so you can take care of your team and adapt to change and cause the least disruption in the long run.

Interviewed by Rita Yang.

Today’s episode was recorded during the GGV Fellows program in Beijing. It is a week-long intensive learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get into China’s startup ecosystem. This year’s 35 fellows came from top institutions around the world. With an amazingly diverse set of backgrounds, we got everything ranging from PH.D. in machine learning to a real estate startup founder who’s also a pilot.

For this episode, we sat down with 4 GGV fellows on their life stories, takeaways from the GGV Fellows programs, and their experiences of doing startups in China.

Wenyou Tan
head of Corporate Finance @ OVO, a Fintech Unicorn in Indonesia

Raven Gao 
founder of a social app for gamers

Get in contact with Raven for his startup at kuma.nijigen.recruit@gmail.com

Sophie Luo
a Wharton MBA who built a Sales Tech company in China

Yuchen Jiang
Ex-software engineer at Facebook

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