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Season 2

Episode 52

Risa and Shawn of BUD: A Metaverse Created by and for Gen Z

Today on the show, we have the founders of BUD: Risa Feng and Shawn Lin. BUD is a global virtual platform for Gen Z and Gen Alpha to create and share 3D interactive experiences. It is also one of the world’s largest 3D item markets.

Before founding BUD, Risa and Shawn were colleagues at Snapchat where they worked as interactive and software engineers. Risa graduated from Cornell in 2017 with a degree in Computer science and math. With a deep interest in computer graphics, she started building her own indie game since college. After graduation, she joined the Snapchat AR team as an interactive engineer working on frontier AR experience and the developer community Snapchat’s AR engine.

Shawn graduated from Rutgers with a major in Computer Science. He interned at Meta in 2015 as a software engineer working on video-ads recommendation in the news feed. In early 2016, he joined Snapchat full-time, where he worked on Android performance optimization, rewrite, and friending recommendation.


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