Season 1

Episode 8

Miranda Qu (Xiaohongshu) – Powering E-Commerce with Community

Interviewed by Hans Tung and Zara Zhang.

Miranda Qu is the co-founder of Xiaohongshu (“Little Red Book” in Chinese), the world’s the largest lifestyle platform that integrates community and content with e-commerce. Over 75 million users spend a total of over RMB 100 million per month on the app to buy fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle products from both overseas and domestic brands. Xiaohongshu is a pioneer in integrating content, commerce, and community – the “3 Cs” that GGV managing partner Hans Tung thinks today’s e-commerce platforms must possess in order to stand out in “the age of Alibaba and Amazon.”

Miranda graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with a degree in journalism, and left her job in 2013 to start Xiaohongshu. In this episode, Miranda discusses how she met her cofounder Charlwin Mao in a shopping mall in Boston, Xiaohongshu’s journey from a “Lonely Planet for overseas shopping” to one of China’s most popular e-commerce platforms, and why young Chinese consumers increasingly prefer domestic brands over foreign ones.

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