Evolving for the Next Billion Podcast with GGV Capital

Evolving for the Next Billion (new Season 2) is an English-language podcast about tech and entrepreneurship in the fastest-growing markets in the world, hosted by GGV Capital.

On this show, we interview local champions and global giants who are reshaping the lives of the next billion internet users. From Beijing to Bangalore, San Paulo to Singapore, you will hear stories about ambition, ingenuity, and resilience. The show is co-hosted by Hans Tung and Rita Yang at GGV Capital.

First Season: 996 

In Season 1, the 996 podcast explores How the US can companies succeed in China and learn from its tech innovators? How can Chinese tech companies go global? From Silicon Valley to Beijing, we interview the movers and shakers of China’s tech industry, as well as tech leaders with US-China cross-border perspectives. Co-hosted by Hans Tung and Zara Zhang at GGV Capital.

China has emerged as a global powerhouse in tech. It is now home to some of the world’s most valuable tech companies and most motivated entrepreneurs. “996” is the demanding work schedule many Chinese founders have organically adopted: 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week. To us, 996 captures the intensity, drive, and speed of many Chinese internet companies.