Our Listeners

996’s listeners are a unique group of global-minded individuals who are interested in learning from China’s tech scene. They include entrepreneurs, tech executives, engineers, product managers, journalists, investors, bankers, lawyers, students… We have a significant following in not just US and China, but also others parts of the world including Southeast Asia, India, and many other markets. According to our subscriber survey, over 20% of our listeners have lived in more than seven cities; over 50% of our listeners have lived in more than four cities.

What Our Listeners Say

China has become a global powerhouse in innovation, but is still very poorly understood in the US. Through 996, the GGV team has done a great job of explaining how tech in China works to a global audience, and I’m a big supporter of their work.
– Charles Kim, Managing Director at China Renaissance

GGV’s thoughtful & experienced approach to the US / China cross-border tech landscape is the bridge entrepreneurs need to learn and be inspired by those that came before us. I learn something new and interesting every time!
– Tiger Fang, former Country Manager for Uber Indonesia

When I was abroad, 996 connected me with the most recent insights of successful China startup companies. It made my job search much more easier when I decided to come back. Thank you, 996.
– Adam Yang, Industry Head (Greater China) at Twitter

996 Podcast is where you find the real facts and true insights from founders of the tech companies in China and US and especially the cross-border ones.
– Doreen Ge, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan

996 has become my #1 source to learn successful entrepreneurship stories in China. Those stories are so inspiring and they help me to gain new perspectives every episode. I’ve recommended 996 to many of my colleagues and friends. Quite a few of them became interested in China and even started to learn Chinese so they can work in China some time in the future.
– Steve Xie, Senior Product Manager at Cruise Automation

Any product manager in Silicon Valley should learn from the rapid pace of innovation in China. 996 is the best podcast to do just that.
Peter Yang, Senior Product Manager at Twitch

996 is the best podcast to keep up with the pace of innovation in China’s tech scene, and the GGV team does a great job of building a community around the podcast through events and digital platforms. The 996 podcast and community has helped me expand my horizons beyond the Silicon Valley bubble.
– Kyle Wong, Founder and CEO of Pixlee

“The 996 Podcast is a great way to stay up-to-date on the US and China tech industries. There’s so much insight shared by amazing leaders, founders, and innovators that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. I love it.”
– Ryan Tong, Global Director of Business Development at VIPKid; former Managing Director of San Francisco Office at DJI

I’m a big fan of 996 and their ability to get high-profile China tech execs on a podcast to share their experience and secret sauce. Hans and Zara do a great job of balancing the backstory with a deeper dive on the companies and execs themselves – definitely worth subscribing!
– Tim Chen, Head of International Product at Mobike

The GGV 996 podcast is a MUST HAVE English resource for anyone who wants to learn more about tech in China. The in-depth discussions with the founders and ground-breakers across different industries help readers zoom in on the topics way beyond reading TechCrunch news and the like. In addition, Zara, Hans and team have also created a big 996 community to facilitate further learning and sharing among listeners through WeChat groups and meetups. Also highly recommend blogs by Hans (hans.vc) and Zara (zarazhang.com)!”
– Yu Wu, Product Operations Manager, Uber

I always look for 996 podcasts first when I try to learn about a Chinese tech company or industry. The interviews with entrepreneurs are some of the best you can find – direct, authentic and of penetrating insight.
– Ted Cheng, Technical Lead Manager at Instacart

996 is the magical lens for anyone who’s either just curious or deeply interested to look into one of the most explosive growth startup world – China. I’ve learned so much insight from a number of entrepreneurs, not only about how they started the business, but also their personal journey. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who’s consider doing startup, or looking for inspiration for their next pivot of career.
– Susan Zhang, Global Public Policy at ByteDance

GGV 996 helps me a lot to learn about the entrepreneurship in China from a cross-border perspective. Every episode are well-designed with thoughtful questions from Hans and Zara and full of unique insights from the guest speakers. I would highly recommend the podcast to anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship in China.
– Yuzhou Wang, MBA Student at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Among all the podcasts, GGV’s 996 offered the most sharpened business insight from the frontier of both China and Silicon valley, but also aired the history of Internet through top investors and investee. I learned a lot from a CVC perspective.
– Bowen Zhang, Investment Analyst at Meituan Dianping