Dear Founders, These Are the Questions A Good Investor Will Ask

questions an investor will ask and how to answer them

You’re a founder or entrepreneur pitching your startup to investors. Your pitch deck is all ready, you feel good and you’re ready to dazzle them. But here comes the dreaded part most founders fear: The Q&A portion.

We’ve got you covered. Not only should you anticipate these questions being asked, you should be glad that your investor is, well, invested in you enough to find out more. In this piece, we also look at how you should address these questions and concerns. Let’s dive in.

How Does Shihuituan Work?

Chen Ying of Shihuituan

Shihuituan is a community group-buying e-commerce platform focused on lower-tier cities in China. It primarily sells high-grade fresh fruits and vegetables, and other packaged food.

The business features technology-enabled group buying, mobile payments, and social groups, as well as logistics and delivery service.

Pictured left, Chen Ying, Founder & CEO of Shihuituan.

Dear Founders, Here’s How To Pitch to Investors

how to pitch to investors

POV: You’re raising funds for your startup, and you’ve got several meetings lined up with potential investors. You’ve gone through your pitch deck hundreds of times, but nothing can quite prepare you for the face-to-face moment. Pitching is an intensely vulnerable, nerve-wracking experience when you and your business are on the line.

Having been on the other side of the pitch, we’ve seen it all. Here’s our step-by-step guide to nailing that pitch meeting with investors.