Napkin Takeaways: Hendra Kwik of Payfazz

Payfazz's GMV The four-year-old Payfazz started out as a platform for Indonesians to recharge their mobile value and pay bills. Hendra Kwik Payfazz

In this series of quick takes, we crystallize the highlights of founder interviews into bite-sized digests for your reading pleasure. If you have a quick minute between meetings, or feel like some light reading, we have your back.

In this piece, we sum up three key takeaways from Hendra Kwik, co-founder and CEO of Payfazz. The startup is a fintech platform that aims to build a network of distributed banking agents to enable a fully-digital mobile banking & payment solution for 440 million unbanked in Southeast Asia. Aside from its agent network, Payfazz has also launched a portfolio of mobile services that facilitate routine financial tasks for Indonesians without formal banking accounts, including bill payments and loans.