We Asked 3 Founders to Define E-Commerce Success

High gross merchandising volume (GMV)? Frequency of usage? Conversion rate? Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)?

If you’re interested in the fast-moving world of business-to-consumer e-commerce, what are some of the measurements of success? We spoke to the founders of three B2C e-commerce organisations to find out how they look at success – and it’s not what you would expect.

Dear Founder, Here’s How You Can Emerge Stronger From A Crisis

This is part of our webinar series intended to help leaders navigate this global crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raged on for a few months now. As China goes into recovery, the rest of the world is still grappling with the impact. The global supply chain has come under immense pressure with manufacturers and retailers struggling with a spike in demand, while others face restrictions and bans. And with the capital markets in shock, it’s hardly a rosy time to grow your company or raise funds.