This Is How You Build A Great Team: Founders Tell All

Having interviewed close to 50 founders from all over the world across two seasons of our podcast, a common theme in our conversations is what it takes to build a strong team.

Hiring, nurturing and growing talent in an organisation – especially a nascent one – is critical in ensuring startup success. Yet, it remains one of the most difficult hurdles for founders or CEOs to overcome, with 23% of failed startups citing ‘failure to get the right team together’ as the reason for folding.

Dear Founder, Here’s How You Can Survive a Global Pandemic

In this series of candid letters to founders, we invite business leaders to share industry insights, advice and perspectives they in turn have acquired from their experience in business management, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Here, Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of XPENG Motors, touches on the ways communications, savvy user acquisition and good leadership can help a company brave a global crisis.