Making Freemium Work | EdTech Series 1 ft. China’s Top Learning App Zuoyebang

For the first episode of our special EdTech series, you will be hearing from the founder and CEO of Zuoyebang Hou Jianbin. Zuoyebang is the largest K12 online education platform in China, known for its photo search app that allows students and parents to get homework help and live streaming classes.


EdTech Series 3 ft. Huohua Siwei (Spark Education)

Today on the show we have Mark Luo. Mark Luo is the founder and CEO of Huohua Siwei (Spark Education), a learning app that develops logical thinking, concentration, and other cognitive skills for children aged between 3-12. We also talked to GGV managing partner Jenny Lee on why she led our investment into Huohua.


Indonesia’s Startup Ecosystem

Home to the region’s largest population (270.6 million), and economy, it is no surprise Indonesia is now prime real estate for entrepreneurs with solutions to local problems, like its largely unbanked population, its underdeveloped internet infrastructure and more.


Radically Improving Science Education | EdTech Series 2 ft. Labster

Making learning fun is hard, especially in this day and age where you have to compete with social media and games for students’ attention. This episode we talk to Labster, a leading virtual science lab provider based in Copenhagen based in Copenhagen.

If what you're doing is nation-building - helping a country to develop better infrastructure, mindset, and habits for the new economy - then your company will naturally do well.

Hans Tung

Managing Partner, GGV Capital